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Tahiti & Mo'orea launch for surf adventure books

Pape'ete, Tahiti - March 20 - Surf travel adventure book author Tony Garcia launched his series of books on islands of Tahiti and Mo'orea. Also called the Society Islands it is the home to world class surf breaks like Tea'upoo, Taapuna, Matauvau Pass and the black sand beach breaks of Papenoo.

These islands are part of Polynesia which forms a triangle with Hawaii in the north, New Zealand in the west and Easter Island in the east. The Polynesian islands were some of the last places on earth settled by humans.

Historians agree that the ancestors of the present Polynesians came from the islands of Indonesia and Philippines. These men and women settled the islands of Polynesia between 200 BC and 400 AD in waves of migration. The reasons for these migrations are not known though some speculate that it could have been war or overpopulation that drove people to find new homes.

These long migration voyages were remarkable feats of navigation and endurance only achieved by the European's 1500 years later. European explorers like Ferdinand Magellan, Jacob Roggeveen, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville and James Cook all passed through Polynesia during their voyages of exploration.

The island's visitors brought back tales of a paradise where life was simple and women were uninhibited. These stories fired the imaginations generations of westerners who came to paint, write or just drop out, painters like Paul Gauguin and writers Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Now Tahiti means big wave tow-ins at Tea'upoo, the world class surf breaks of Taapuna and Vairao passes. On the Island of Mo'orea the classic left of Haapiti and the right of Temae. And most importantly the hospitality and generosity of the Tahitian people.

The surf travel adventure books Tracks of Tiger: G-land & Bali, Indonesia, Ollie's Point: Witches Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Sword of the Prophet:  Anchor Point & Taghazoute, Morocco are selling fast world-wide and can be ordered online at or

This series of surf travel adventure books features stories about the premier surf spots on the planet from Indonesia to Costa Rica and Morocco.

 The website is open for business and copies can be ordered of Tracks of the Tiger: G-land & Bali, Indonesia, Ollie's Point: Witches Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Sword of the Prophet: Anchor point & Taghazoute, Morocco. In addition sample chapters of each book are also available to read on the website and recently audio book samples.

SoldierBoy the publisher of these surfing adventure books is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Santa Monica, California and publishes in Europe and America simultaneously. SoldierBoy publishing will always try to live up it promise to make reading its surf books - The next best thing to being there!

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