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Sword of the Prophet launched in Brazil

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil - May 16 - Surf travel adventure book Sword of the Prophet: Anchor Point & Taghazoute, Morocco was launched during a recent visit by author Tony Garcia to the pristine tropical island of Fernando de Noronha. Sword of the Prophet is the third surfing thriller to be released and includes detailed surf maps of Morocco.

This follows the earlier launch of Tracks of Tiger: G-land & Bali, Indonesia and Ollie's Point: Witches Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The surf travel adventure books are selling well all over the surfing world and can be ordered online at or

Sword of the Prophet finds traveling surfer Bobby Cruz enjoying an idyllic holiday in Morocco when he and girlfriend Samantha Kane they meet Dr. Chandran in Marrakech. As Bobby spends his day surfing the waves on the rugged Atlantic coast the couple are unaware of the dramatic events unfolding in the country. Jihadi terrorist Ali Mansour is on the run for the Casablanca bombings. As the police manhunt follows his trail to the coast, Bobby and Samantha once again cross paths with Dr. Chandran at his clinic in the Atlas mountains with explosive consequences.


This series of surf adventure books feature the premier surf spots on the planet from Indonesia to Costa Rica and now Morocco. The earlier released Tracks of the Tiger was  followed by Ollie's Point Rica and by the latest release of Sword of the Prophet.

The website is open for business and copies can be ordered of Tracks of the Tiger: G-land & Bali, Indonesia, Ollie's Point: Witches Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Sword of the Prophet: Anchor point & Taghazoute, Morocco. In addition sample chapters of each book are also available to read on the website.

SoldierBoy the publisher of these surfing adventure books is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Santa Monica, California and publishes in Europe and America simultaneously. SoldierBoy will always try to live up it promise to make reading its surf books - The next best thing to being there!

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