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Author Tony Garcia donates book sale proceeds to Bali charity MUM

Kuta, Bali Indonesia - December 12 - On a recent Bali book promotion tour author Tony Garcia donated all the sales of Tracks of the Tiger: G-land & Bali, Indonesia, Ollie's Point: Witches' Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Sword of the Prophet: Anchor Point & Taghazoute, Morocco to MUM a Balinese charity which supports local kids with money for schooling and nutrition.

Author Garcia presented the books to Steve Farming the owner of Surfer Girl surf shop which bills itself as "One of the best all girl surf shops in the world." The books will be exclusively sold at Surfer Girl in Kuta, Bali and all the proceeds will go to MUM.

On the east coast of Bali in the region of Karangasem, there are villages that because of economic circumstances find it difficult to afford necessities for their children for schooling and nutrition. The average yearly wage in Indonesia is approximately $600 and because of the economic impact of the Bali Bombings many people have found it hard to make ends meet.

MUM is an unified charitable organization dedicated to  helping villagers support the needs of their children for education and new opportunities. For approximately $70 dollars or 60 Euros a year a local child is aided with their school fees, uniforms, materials and healthy food for a year.

While in Bali aside from catching some classic Uluwatu surf author Tony Garcia organized a book signing at Tubes one of Kuta's land mark surf restaurants and meeting places. He presented signed copies of the books to Made Piping editor of Magic Wave the Balinese surf community newspaper.

In the coming weeks there will be more books signings and look out for the launch of the latest book from SoldierBoy publishers, Ollie's Point: Witches' Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

The publication of Tracks of the Tiger is the first of a series of surf thrillers whose action takes place at some of the premier surf spots on the planet. Tracks of the Tiger will be followed by Ollie's Point: Witches' Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Sword of the Prophet: Anchor Point & Taghazoute, Morocco.

Advance copies of all books can be ordered order online at website and chapters of each book are also available online to read and review.

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