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Scheveningen Beach, The Netherlands
What are surfers reading?
Part 1

What follows is a totally unscientific investigation into what surfers are reading. This sample was taken at the parking lot in Scheveningen a beach town a few kilometers from Den Haag in the Netherlands.

It is cold outside and it is early December. The surf is under a meter and because of the recent rains the sea is the color of strong tea. The water temperature is a 10 degrees centigrade and there are half a dozen surfers in the water. There is even talk of a North Sea swell on the way.

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Stefan Koper's latest read was Mrs. Secretary by Madeline Albright



Ed van Weenen's last read was The World Stormriders Guide 2



Flip van Leeuwen is reading the Jeff Hakman story



Barry Greenstein's last read was Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe




What are people reading?
Part 2

This part of the survey took place in the offices of a major airline in the city of Amsterdam.

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Loes Luhulima's last read was Helen van Rooyen's Queen of the Night



Jensley Trapenberg's last book was Dubbelspel



Luciano Negro's favorite book was Malcolm Lowry's Under The Volcano

The last book that Diederik Visser read was Richard Branson by who else but Richard Branson

Fred Misser's last book was In the Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco



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