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Uluwatu Bali - What are surfers reading?
Part 1

What follows is a totally unscientific investigation into what surfers are reading. This sample was taken in Bali at the cliff restaurant overlooking the surf break Uluwatu, a kilometer south of the temple, warung Salin and Nusa Dua.

It is the end of November, hot and humid. The rainy season had not yet really started. The surf was head high and hollow. The sea was at low tide and the reef at Uluwatu was as sharp as always.

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Tara Browne's latest read was Ben Elton's Popcorn




Steve is a professional diver living in Sanur, Bali. His passion is surfing. His latest read: The Patient



Dave Kilby is the leader of local reading group. Dave is a recent father. His latest read by Noam Chomsky



Johanna Rossa is reading The Big Drop by John Long



Barry Mawson latest read is The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Casteneda



What are surfers reading?
Part 2

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Dave Coles is an English teacher in Taiwan on break in Bali. His last read was The Alchemist by Paul Coelho.

Will Bromley is also on break from his teaching gig in Taiwan. The last book read was Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. Will surfs in Oregon and regularly comes down with claw-hand from the cold Pacific waters.

Janis Donnelly is from South Devon England and I suspect is also a teacher of English. The last book read Bourne Supremacy.

Jr Jordan was a man of few words. He's a bogey boarder from the United Kingdom.

What are surfers reading?
Part 3

Warung Salin - Uluwatu

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The Giles family, John, Agnes, Danny and Sadie. The last books read Tracks of the Tiger & Ollie's Point.

Bryan Walters is from Orange County in California. His last read was DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.

Alicia Vernon hails from Devon England in the U.K. She is reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie.

Jonathan Whitman is also from Devon and surfs the Atlantic. He is reading Chris Ryan.

James Watson is currently in Bali seeking his fame and fortune. He was reading a financial thriller whose name he doesn't recall.

What are Surfers reading?
Part 4

Nusa Dua

Gede Narmada lives in Kuta. His last reading was MagicWave and Surfing Magazine.

Peter Lawrence hails from Norhead Australia. His last book was the Kelly Slater biography. Peter said he could really relate to Kelly's upbringing.

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