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Advance copies of Tracks of the Tiger arrive!

Amsterdam - October 9 - Author Tony Garcia presented Danny Giles warehouse manager of Giles Trading company the first copy of Tracks of the Tiger: G-land & Bali Indonesia. The advance copies of the surf thriller Tracks of the Tiger can be ordered now online at and a copies are being made available for review by magazines, newspapers and surfing websites.

Danny who is an avid surfer had just returned from a California trip and is already planning his next surf trip to Indonesia in October. Danny was eager to crack open the first box of books to get a look at the maps included in the books of the surf spots of Bali and G-land.

Tracks of the Tiger is the first of a series of surf thrillers whose action takes place at some of the premier surf spots on the planet. Tracks of the Tiger will be followed by Ollie's Point: Witches' Rock & Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Sword of the Prophet: Anchor Point & Taghazoute, Morocco.

Advance copies of all books can be ordered order online at website and chapters of each book are also available online to read and review.

SoldierBoy books is the brain-child of author Tony Garcia. These are the first surf thriller titles, but in the near future the publisher will bring out titles featuring skateboarding and snowboarding.

SoldierBoy books is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Santa Monica, California and publishes in Europe and America simultaneously. SoldierBoy will always try to live up it promise to make reading its books - The next best thing to being there!

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